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14th July 2018, Saturday | 9am - 7pm | Cititel Midvalley

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Rich people are rich because they know their Wealth Profile and leverage on their strengths and personality to 'shortcut' their path to massive wealth.

But do you know your Wealth Profile, and know which path to wealth is the Easiest, Fastest, and Shortest for You?

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Why You Must Be At ACE Wealth Convention 2018

  • The Rich and Famous know the path that leads them to wealth. Do you know yours? Get your FREE Wealth Profile Chart personalised to your Date and Time of Birth… to reveal your shortest and easiest path to wealth.

  • Everyone is buying things online. But are you selling online? Today, you can quickly start your own E-commerce business and make thousands of US Dollars Part-Time, without websites or handling logistics. (This is NOT low margin models like dropshipping or online arbitrage kind of stuff).

  • Stock market corrected early this year. Trump is waging trade war with China. With so much uncertainty, how can you profit from the financial market? More importantly, how can you make consistent profits day in day out... regardless of market conditions?

  • Crypto took the world by storm in 2017, with early investors making huge 1000% ROI in under 1 year. How will crypto progress from here? What are the undervalued coins with huge profit potential in 2018? Get yourself educated and profit from this global transformational wave. Plus, get Free 0.0001 BTC from us to kick start your investment journey… Risk Free!

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Expert Speakers


Dr Bernard Yeo

Numerology Wealth Expert

Mr X

7-Figure Ecommerce Expert

Marcus Lau

Financial Trading Expert

Louie Pinto

Blockchain Wealth Expert

Your Success Is Determined By The Actions You Take Today

Create Massive Wealth By Discovering Your Shortest Path To Wealth By Attending This Event And Learn From The Top 4 Wealth Millionaire Experts!

"Discover Your Wealth Profile Which Will Reveal Your Easiest, Fastest, And Shortest Path To Wealth… Just By Using Your Date Of Birth"

Dr Bernard Yeo

Numerology Wealth Expert

Here’s what you’ll learn from Dr Bernard Yeo:

  • Your Wealth Profile Chart, personalised to you based on your Date and Time of Birth. This Wealth Profile Chart will reveal your fastest path to attain massive wealth… specified to the industry, business, and career that you will prosper in.
  • Achieve Clarity in your Personal Path to Success. There are many ways to achieve success, but you want to know your own “Path Of Least Resistance” where you can achieve success with minimal effort… at the shortest time possible!
  • Identify and Leverage your In-Born 'Million Dollar' Talents, Strengths, and Personality to Create Massive Wealth. Many people don’t know their hidden talents in their Personal Wealth Profile. If you don’t know your talents, and don’t know how to use them, you’ll never be rich!
Dr Siong Dr Siong, Chinese Physician

Me and my wife are UCMHP students. As Chinese Physicians, we practice UCMHP in our daily work, where we meet patients everyday. UCMHP helps us understand our patients better and gain their trust, and increase the accuracy of diagnoses. Through UCMHP, we help patients not only in the aspect of health, but also in their family and career, strengthening the bonds between us.

Sterve Lim Sterve Lim, Self-Employed

The 21st century scientific research approach to UCMHP's Numerology platform (which I had learned and practicing now) has brought many benefits to the people around me. It had provided individuals an opportunity to be self-confident & assured, clearer understanding of personal Self, and the potential Career Pathway that supports & complements their personal character, personality & behavior.

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“How To Quickly Start Your Own E-Commerce Business And Make Thousands Of US Dollars Part-Time… Without Websites, Without Handling Any Products, Or Even Finding Customers Yourself ”

Mr X

Amazon 7-Figure E-Commerce Expert

Here’s what you’ll learn from Mr X:

  • A Proven, Step-by-Step System which has already helped ordinary Malaysians build 6-figure e-commerce business, with no website at all. Yes, no need website, no need to handle inventory, no employee headache, allowing you to focus fully on earning income!
  • Why Leveraging On Amazon Is Probably the Best Way To Grow Your E-Commerce Business. You’ll open your eyes to the amazing Amazon platform that does almost all the hard work for you… including selling and promoting your products for you!
  • A Little-Known Strategy used by million-dollar companies to create hot-selling products, with raving fans rushing to buy from you, even at premium price! This model is way way better than low margin models like dropshipping or online arbitrage kind of stuff.

Making 6-Figure Income Online Just Like What You See Below... Without Any Website, Without Handling Products, Without Employee Headaches, Is Not A Dream Anymore... But A Reality For Ordinary Malaysians Like You.

Mr X
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“Discover How Beginners Can Use Financial Trading To Grow Their Money Profitably In An Uncertain Market... Even Without Any Experience”

Marcus Lau

Financial Trading Expert

Here’s what you’ll learn from Marcus Lau:

  • How to use the ‘eSmart Profits System’ to create an additional income stream for yourself with minimal time and effort. This is the system perfectly designed for beginners to get started quickly to profit from the trillion-dollar financial markets.
  • How to use our ‘Minimum Risk, Maximum Returns Formula’ to reduce risks to the minimum. Many traders fail because they don’t know how to manage risk, which end up losing their entire capital. We’ll teach you how to control and make profitable trades.
  • How to make money trading while you sleep. You do not need to stare at complicated charts late at night to trade. Using our eSmart Profits System, you can trade using a few minutes a day, sleep peacefully, and may even profit when you wake up!
Lim Zi Jie Lim Zi Jie, Engineer

The system is very useful as I've gotten lots of practical information from it. In fact, I was wow-ed by how much I didn't know about trading ... how I can leverage on technology and professional traders who do this for a living!

Plus, the system is taught almost like a 'game', and the indicators are like 'cheat codes' that make everything so simple and easy to execute.

It's really amazing how this system can be applied to various financial instruments from commodities to indices to precious metals to CFDs.

Nui Nui, Beauty Salon Owner

Recently, I attended a trading workshop, where I met Marcus. I never thought I could get immediate results after learning how to trade on the system by Marcus.

But I earned almost 2% in just 1 month without risking much! I was actually struggling to even draw basic trading charts, but I'm now getting results like professional traders.

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“Discover The Proven Strategies To Profit From Crypto And Blockchain Technology…From The Expert Who Helped Ordinary Investors Make 400% ROI In Just 1 Month ”

Louie Pinto

Blockchain Wealth Expert

Here’s what you’ll learn from Louie Pinto:

  • Discover Why Crypto & Blockchain Technology Is The Future Of Money and Currencies, and why you must know it today. Early investors have become millionaires. Those who invest in 2017 have made 1000% returns. But the good news? We are still in the early stage. Don’t wait, or you’ll regret later!
  • How To Get Started With Crypto and other Alternative Coins In Malaysians. But most importantly, with the popular BTC coin is at a relatively high price, can you invest now? What other crypto coins can you invest, that have the potential to give you better returns than BTC? Louie will reveal his research that day.
  • Proven Strategies You Can Grow Your Wealth In The Crypto Market. Buying BTC coins is just one method. There are other safe, tried-and-tested ways Louie and his community have used to profit from crypto… some which helped their investors made 400% in 1 month!


“I have made over 400% from crypto market in just 1 month after learning from Louie Pinto.”

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Date: 14th July 2018, Saturday

Time: 9am - 7pm (Registration starts 8am)

Venue: Cititel MidValley, Kuala Lumpur

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